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the International Insect Hormone Workshop (IIHW)!

If you are interested in insect hormones of any sort, this meeting is for you. IIHW inherited the history of the Ecdysone Workshop, which was held 18 times between 1975 and 2010, where researchers from all around the globe discussed about science of ecdysone, the molting hormone in insects. As the topics covered in the workshop expanded significantly beyond ecdysone, the 19th Ecdysone Workshop organized by Michael B. O’Connor in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2013, was renamed the 1st IIHW. Ever since, the IIHW has been held biennially. The 6th IIHW (IIHW2023) will be hosted by UC Riverside and held at the historic Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in downtown Riverside, California, from June 18th (Sun) to June 24th (Sat), 2023.

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